Preliminary program of Conference and list of participants

Here we've got the that will take place in Kyiv in April 2-3

 Preliminary program:

Name of participant
Theme of presentation
Glib Vysheslavsky
Ukraine, Kyiv
Artist, art critic. The author of many solo exhibitions. Organizer and chief editor of a magazine for contemporary art and culture "Terra Incognita". The researcher of Modern Art Research  Institute. The participant of the Biennale di Venezia, 50th International Art Exhibition. A member of the expert council of Ukraine on the 51-st Biennale di Venezia.
Presentation of photoalbum “Square of Freedom” and art events that was during Orange Revolution in Ukraine.
Oles Doniy
Ukraine, Kyiv
Politician and public & cultural activist. Head of Art formation “Last barricade”, President of Politic values research Center

Dušan Zahoranský
Czech Republic, Prague

MeetFactory: gallery curator
"State runned galleries v.s. non profit artistic spaces in Czech and Slovak Republic"
"Post SOROS situation in liberated Czech and Slovak Republic"
(situation after walk - out of the main post-revolution foreign fundation)
Waldemar Fydrych
Poland, Warsaw
Artist, public activist, writer, founder of Orange Alternative movement in Poland
The Orange Alternative or how to abolish totalitarian regimes by the peaceful means of absurd humor and art

Agnieszka Couderq
Poland, Warsaw
The Orange Alternative Foundation
The Orange Alternative or how to abolish totalitarian regimes by the peaceful means of absurd humor and art

Svetlana Poleschuk
Belorussia, Minsk
Lecturer in European humanitarian University
Between Pictorialism, Conceptualism and Politics: the Dilemmas of Photography in Belarus

Andrei Khadanovich
Belorussia, Minsk
Philologist, writer, teacher
Literature-reader-audience. Belorussia’s context.
Anna Ryaboshenko
Georgia, Tbilisi
Artist, art curator,  art program coordinator (Open society Institute, Soros Foundation)
Georgia. Reaction of artists into political changes.
Milan Vracar
Serbia, Novi Sad
Art project manager, art curator
Radical art practices in Serbia during 90s
Nune Popovic
Serbia, Novi Sad
Falus revolution. Artistic guerrilla struggle of group MAGNET against totalitarian regime in Serbia in 1990's.

Jovan Jaksic
Serbia, Novi Sad
Artist, curator of Museum of Contemporary art.
Presentation of video “ Jugglers of all countries, unite!”
Istvan Szakats
Cluj, Romania
Fundația AltArt
Social Guerrilla

Going far beyond the green guerrilla movement,
social guerrilla is the newest form of harnessing the power of articulated public discourse. The presentation explores the potential and the limits of a global social guerrilla movement, based on John Boyd’s cell concept, an e-bay of social trust, and some cryptography.
Simor Ágnes
Hungary, Budapest
Tűzraktér cultural centre
Art nature of Revolution: the force of changes and inspiration